Biofeedback Testing
Non Invasive Biofeedback Testing and  Frequency Therapy
We provide a visual health status of the organs, systems, and tissue giving us a snapshot of your body's overall health.

The AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer is a combination of technology from Russia, Germany, Spain, Asia, and the USA. Most if not all this technology is based on the works of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife, Albert Einstein and others that theorized everything physical at its most fundamental level is actually energy frequency. Biophysicists in Germany and Russia pioneered the work of identifying specific frequencies in the human body and compiled a database of more than 120,000 different frequencies. These frequencies are the same in every person.
Medical researchers in Germany believe that the health of an organ, tissue, system or cell structure within the body can be identified by passing micro current frequencies
through the body and measuring the current’s resistance. 

We Don't Diagnose or Treat...
We Scan 120,000 frequencies and 
Provide You with a Educational Report.

Currently Offering In Home Scans

(By Appointment Only)

Holistic Health Educator explains how biofeedback testing works and how it has impacted the lives of clients.


I have dealt with high blood pressure since my 20’s and I am currently 45 years old. I also have dealt with a heart condition call Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. I heard about this new technology and Kevin did a scan with the AO Digital Body Scanner and found some issues with my heart so we focused on that. Since my scan and frequency optimization my blood pressure has been great and I have not seen any symptoms of Tachycardia, it has been over 5 months.
I also have had bad allergies and the vital scan pinpointed my allergies and since the scan and optimization I have also had some allergy relief. I’m looking forward to my next scan to see what other differences it may make in my health which has been a lifetime battle.
Thank you Kevin for making my life a much better place!
Susan Benzmiller Franz
Stevens Point, WI

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Jeannette Fuller

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